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go buy this.


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Go fucking vote.

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S'right, bitches. New video. It's amazing. Leaves me with fuzzy feelings. The good kind.

I know you have iTunes. So why don't you have this song yet?

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You guys. Meg&Dia? Please. MCS kicks their ass.

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I'm really only doing this for points.

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"Weapons Wired" is off The Higher's new album On Fire out now.
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Go! Go! Go!

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Holy. Fuck. Last night. Hand. Mark. Mark Hoppus. Mark Fucking Hoppus. Shook my hand.

Ryland is 6'5", just in case you were wondering. I asked him. While we were having a conversation. He seemed very proud of it. Haha. As he should be.

Oh, and I fucking called it. I totally fucking said that +44 would/should play The Rock Show. And what'd they fucking do?! THEY PLAYED THE ROCK SHOW! It was utterly amazing.

Gabe Saporta. His face was all on my head. &... We talked. About my cat. He has a new name. No longer shall his name be Jack. From now on, my cat has a Gabe-given name. And that name is: Cobra Cat. Gabe really liked that. He said it like, 50 times... like he was rapping or something. It was the best. He seemed really disappointed though, when I told him his name was "Jack." He really wanted my kitten's name to be Gabe. Haha, he was like, "Aww... I wanted it to be Gabe." Fuck! Why didn't I name my kitten Gabe?!

So, Mark Hoppus has really smooth hands. They smelled good too... like lotion. &Shiny Shane was like, deaf. I was all, "Dude, sign my pants." like 44 times before he noticed me. &fucking Crazy Craig. His phone rang, and I was about to get a picture/autograph. And I was like, "Please? Just a quick picture?" and he was all, "I'm really sorry, I can't." But oh well, I guess I understand

+44 had a picture of a puppy on their tour bus. Their bus was amazing.

I fucking love it. I love that Mark shook my hand, even if he didn't stay to do autographs and pictures. I love that Chris Holmes was with him. I love that Gabe loves my kitten. I love that Ryland is 6'5". I love that Nate was so obviously drunk/high. I love that Sisky Business was so nice and quiet. I love that there was a guy on a scooter, even if it wasn't The Butcher. I love that William Beckett slapped Gabe on the ass. I love that William dances just like Mick Jagger (&my mom says Jim Morrison). I love that +44 played The Rock Show. I love that the guy I was unintentionally ass fucking for the whole +44 set wasn't mad (it's not like I could help it. it's called a mosh pit.) I love that I thought up the nicknames Shiny Shane&Crazy Craig. I love that I could pretend that Mark's sweat was tears during No It Isn't. I love that Neighbors is so obviously about Travis McCoy (treckett for fucking ever!) I love how Gabe touched himself on stage. I love how Gabe dances. I love how Vicky-T was so cool. I love that Cobra Starship did Hollaback Boy. I love how I didn't even see Fall Out Boy because I was waiting for Mark Hoppus and how I don't even care about missing them entirely. Fuck, I just loved all of it. It was the most amazing time ever.

Cobra Cat. Best thing ever.

p.s. in case you read this on myspace, I'm just too lazy to write a different one.

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Ok, I was just reading some fanfics and then realized that I've only made one post in my "journal". So, I decided to make another one. Because it's New Year's Eve day and I'm really bored. I also have no life. This is why I have no life: I ran out of podcasts. Seriously, I have listened to every single episode of "HimynameisMark"/"Morning Zoo" like, twice now. I have to wait for a new one to come out. No more Morning Zoos until the next one! My life is over! Haha j/k. But my day is gonna be boring now.

My dream is to someday be on Morning Zoo. Because that would kick ass. I bet I'd be a cool person to talk to because I have all of these theories about unicorns. Yeah, ever since I mentioned unicorns, I got a whole lotta unicorn stuff for christmas. It was really funny. Like this little kid's book about two kids finding a bunch of unicorns and running around with them and stuff.

I think Tom should come out with a podcast. That'd be awesome. And then the podcasts would like, compete or something. Wait. Unless he already has one that I don't know about. In which case someone should tell me. Not like anyone reads this anyways, but oh well.

Oh yeah! I was mentioned in the credits for a really awesome fanfiction! Haha! Take that, bitches! Yeah, it made me excited.

Ok. The end. *Morning Zoo theme song, the old version*

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